About the Artist


MICHELE MEYER was born in Austria and brought up and educated in Germany and Switzerland. She worked and studied interior decoration in Cologne.

Michele married and lived in Holland for 15 years bringing up a family and she enjoyed helping her husband assemble ideas and colours for his fashion collections.

The low light and the immense Dutch skies led her to study oil painting under Guus Melai and Olav Bijker.

Their love for England made them move to a small farm near Salcombe, Devon in 1979. That went with a complete career change, building up a herd of South Devon cows, keeping sheep etc. and enjoying country living to the full.

Her hands-on approach and earthy optimism found a natural outlet in handling clay. That, combined with a love for all animals, is mirrored in her sculptures.

In 2017 she suddenly felt the urge to put her thoughts and every-day adventures
Into lighthearted rhyme with simple illustrations. These are published as the  "The Old Lady Peasant - Adventures and Thoughts" 
With the help of Jack, the dog and the indispensable Rob (boot size 10) every
Saturday, she keeps enjoying it all.
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VOLUME FOUR The Old Lady Peasant - In Hospital!!!  now available.
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